Living in Ha Lan I still daily read the Viet Nam News and just read the article about Cardio screening package that made me very happy again because it reminded me of my stay at Hanoi French Hospital in November 2018.

Brought there at night at the Emergency Department Dr. George convinced me that flying a few days later might become my death, due to the heart attack that was diagnosed. Hence I decided to stay there for a week. And I did not regret it at all!

Everybody there was so kind and took care of me very well. I even remember the finicky sense of humor of Dr. George. Also the great dexterity of Dr. Hieu who inserted the stent to me. Happily my wife who came over and arrived one day later could shake hands too with these two medical heros. Moreover all the staff that I met in ICU, other departments and in the restaurant made me feel at home. Thank you all so very much!

Also in the Netherlands we have to deal with COVID and I have been one with high risks due to age, blood pressure and heart incident. However I feel better than ever thanks to the treatment of Dr. George and Dr. Hieu with their staff. It is my pleasure to let you know that I only have very good memories after my stay there. And still feel much better since then.

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Oranjewoud, Netherlands (Pays Bas)
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Petrus J de Vries
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