My whole family extends our heartfelt thanks to the 5th-floor staff of the Hanoi French Hospital for the care you provided to my wife, Dawn Liyanage, during her confinement.

Dawn will never forget your patience, kindness, and understanding during her hospital stay.

A special thank you to Ms. Huyen for responding to my emergency call just in time and for efficient coordination. You are truly incredible, and you deserve a salute.

Furthermore, I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Brosset and Dr. Cuong, for their professionalism and timely treatments, and I am proud to recommend your service to anyone without hesitation.

I wish I could thank you all individually, but unfortunately, I am not able to remember all the names! There is just one word to describe everybody on the team, though – CARING. And that, far more than your consummate medical expertise, truly helped my wife to recover.

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Subhash Liyanage
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Subhash Liyanage
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