I had a very memorable nearly-2-week journey at HFH. I arrived at HFH with rupture of membranes at 33th week of pregnancy and was examined, consulted by Dr. Thu and other doctors in the department, then they decided the best treatment plan for me. With efforts to maintain the pregnancy, I gave birth at the time of 33 weeks and 6 days. After giving birth, my baby and I were moved to the room for being cared. During the stressful Covid epidemic, I couldn't have my family around, but I was taken care of by doctors, midwives and nurses with great enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. It was their gentleness, dedication, and thoughtfulness that helped me relieve pain and recover quickly after giving birth. My baby is a premature baby who cannot eat formulated milk and can only eat breast milk. Ms. Men and Ms. Lan have advised and guided me enthusiastically so that I can have milk for my baby as soon as possible. When I started to have breast milk, I felt painful, so I sent my baby to the midwives and nurses to help me and they took care of my baby very attentively and conscientiously. My baby is taken care of around the clock in a very attentive manner about both hygiene and feeding that helps my baby to get well quickly. HFH's menu is varied and rich in nutrients that helped me to have good quality breast milk for breastfeeding. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the doctors, midwives and nurses in the Department and wish everyone good health.

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