The packages are effective from 15 May 2019

Details of services

Below 2 yrs

2 to 6 yrs

6 to 12 yrs

Over 12 yrs

To evaluate physical development, early detection of malnutrition or obesity


To detect puberty, pre-puberty and disorders of puberty


For early detection of potential harmful conditions: allergy, high blood pressure, anemia, etc


To evaluate mental and motor development


For early detection of mental disorders




Nutrition for children at weaning age


Nutrition for children at pre-puberty


Detection of oral conditions: caries, gingivitis, teeth abnormalities, etc


Detection of strabismus


Detection of color vision deficiency


Refractive errors (vision acuity)


Full blood count: to detect anemia and potential problems of blood cells


Iron, ferritin: To detect nutritional anemia


Hepatitis B: HBsAg, HBsAb


Hepatitis C: HCV


Abdominal ultrasound


Urine analysis (dipstick)


Stool parasite


Residues in stool


Child health check up packages


Other benefits 

Surcharge will apply for consultation with other specialists, further investigations, additional tests and examinations if required recommended by the pediatrician (at 20% discount on normal fees). This benefit discount does not apply in conjunction with other discounted programs or packages.