I want to thank Dr. Cao Manh Lieu for his “golden hands”

Lê Thị Nhi - 28-08-2018

I am Tran Doan Tro – husband of patient Le Thi Nhi. I am very grateful for the unconditional service of HFH’s team of doctors and nurses. In particular, I want to thank Dr. Cao Manh Lieu for his “golden hands”. My wife had surgery at XXX Hospital but it was not successful.


"Dr. Victor is the best dentist I’ve ever been"

Ruwa Thompson - 13-07-2018

Dr. Victor is one of the best dentists I’ve ever been. I’ve seen many dentists but he's a perfectionist. I’m really pleased with his work.

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"Thank you for your diagnosis which no doubt saved my life"

Peter Satchwill - 26-05-2018

You may not remember me. I was on vacation in Vietnam and fell ill on 28th Feb 2018. I came to visit you and you diagnosed severe aortic stenosis in my heart.

I would just like to thank-you very much for all you did as basically your diagnosis saved my life.

Prior to meeting you, I had absolutely no idea that anything was wrong. I spent a week in your hospital in Hanoi and then we returned to London.

I rapidly engaged our health system in the UK and the result is that I have received a new valve 12 days ago and left hospital in Oxford, UK 6 days ago. The surgeon said it was one of the most diseased valves he has seen. And I had no idea!

So once again, I would like to thank-you for your diagnosis which no doubt saved my life as I had no idea that anything was wrong.

We may attempt another vacation to Vietnam once I fully recover later this year and if we do I would like to pop in and take a mere 5 minutes of your time to thank-you personally.

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“Em cảm ơn bác sỹ Nghị và các chị rất nhiều”

Tâm sự của Diễn viên Lan Phương - Nhật ký ngày em chào đời - 21-05-2018

Các cô y tá dễ thương của bệnh viện Việt Pháp chụp ảnh cho mẹ và em rồi đưa em ra gặp daddy. Mẹ ở lại trong phòng mổ cho bác sỹ làm sạch và khâu lại, nhưng mẹ đã dũng cảm và mạnh mẽ hơn nhiều. Các cô bảo mẹ ngủ đi cho đỡ mệt và cho sữa về nhưng mẹ không ngủ được, cứ cầm tấm hình mới chụp của 2 mẹ con ngắm nghía trong niềm vui vẫn còn đầy bất ngờ....

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