"You have been AMAZING Excellent care"

Benjamin & Aimel - 03-01-2018

We can not praise and complement you any higher. You have been AMAZING Excellent care. This was a really stressful time for our family but you have been so kind and professional. The doctors and nurses are delightful and even the cleaners always polite.


"Dr.Natali arased the barrier between doctor and patient"

Nguyen Augustin Tuan - 07-12-2017

I am very fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Natali Delphine. I was hospitalized of pneumonia in both lungs. When I first met Dr. Natali, she was very attentive and gave the aurora of things will be ok for me. Over the course of treatment with Dr. Natali, she always kept me abreast of the progress and explained very details of my situation. Dr. Natali is truly profession, constant listening to what I had to say and most important of all Dr. Natali arased the barrier between doctor and patient. In the medical professional we need doctors like Dr. Natali. I am sincerely thank you Dr. Natali for her professionalism and she gave the spiritual “placebo” healing process beyond the standard protocal treatment of drugs.

With gratitude

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"This hospital was heaven on earth"

Eric Bos & Francis Van Der Burgt - 02-11-2017

This hospital was heaven on earth. We have seen three hospitals before we came here and we almost lost hope.

Being in a hospital is never nice, but you all made it as good as possible. Everybody was genuine kind and helpful and was doing their utmost to make the stay here as good as possible.

Thank you for your help and care. You gave our bad luck a silver lining.

Best regards,

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"Impressed by the quality of care and treatment provided by your hospital"

Piere Breuf - 07-08-2017

Dear medical team of Hanoi French Hospital,

I would like to thank you for the care you provided to me during my stay in your hospital. I went back to Manosque in France without any problems after having continued my recovery in Vietnam and Cambodia. I visited a specialist at Laveran hospital in Marseille and who confirmed that I was fully recovered, in good health and that he was very impressed by the quality of care and treatment provided by your hospital. I would like to sincerely thank you once again.

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