Annual Health Checkup Programs

Stay Healthy and Life a Longer and Fruitful Life with Regular Health Screening

Today with our hectic and demanding lifestyle, young and elderly are both at equal risk of getting diseases and therefore regular preventative health checkups are meant for one and all. Being young does not guarantee a healthy you, many conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart disease, certain cancers or diabetes can remain “silent” for a very long time until they show symptoms and cause maybe serious problems. Regular health checkups can help in catching diseases early, while they are still at a stage where they can be better managed or even reversed.

Good health is one of the most important things in life and should never be taken for granted. Early detection makes all the difference and is important to help you manage potential health risks in order to stay in the prime of health and avoid costly treatment in the future.

At HFH we offer a comprehensive range of health checkup packages that will suit all age groups and both men and women. In additional to our wide range of available packages we also offer a large range of add on items and we fully customized programs that can be tailored to your individual or your company’s needs. Our friendly doctors will provide you with a detailed and personalized medical report and explain all the results to you together with the most comprehensive advice and recommendations for you to stay active and healthy.

Under 30 year old

Basic Program

from 30 to 45

Advanced Program

Over 45

Executive Program

Under 30 year old

Grand Executive Program


Add-on items

ENT technical consultation (Tonal Audiometry or impedancemetry): 1.250.000đ

Gastroscopy: 7.200.000đ, including:

  • Consultation with Gastro-enterologist
  • Consultation with Anesthesist
  • Gastroscopy
  • Short stay

Colonoscopy: 9.290.000đ, including: 

  • Consultation with Gastro-enterologist
  • Consultation with Anesthesist
  • Colonoscopy
  • Short stay

Gastro-colonoscopy: 11.000.000d, including: 

  • Consultation with Gastro-enterologist
  • Consultation with Anesthesist
  • Gastro-colonoscopy
  • Short stay

Other benefits:

  • 10% discount for additional laboratory tests
  • 10% discount for additional imaging services
  • 10% discount for additional specialist consultation (including Dental exam)
  • 10% discount for additional specialties procedures, excluding Dental service
  • 10% discount for Nutrition packages for adults and children

Schedule your appointment

To serve you better, please schedule your appointment with us by calling at: (84-24) 3577 1100 (ask for Reservation Department) and specify your program choice. You can also make an appointment online here. Kindly inform our receptionists at the main reception desk on the ground floor of your presence upon appointment. You will be asked to fill in a form if you are attending the Hospital for the first time. 

You can choose to buy the package online (see the details of packages by clicking on the below symbols) or settle the invoice on the third floor when you come for service.

Other benefits

  • 10% discount for those who do health checkup package in two consecutive years.
  • 15% discount for clients who use service in the afternoons
  • 5% discount for those who sign up for a group of 5 persons and above.
  • 01 voucher for free breakfast


  • Check-up time may vary from one hour and a half to four hours, depending on the programs.
  • Please be informed that blood sample examinations require that you be fasting, do not eat or drink soft drinks, juices, milk, alcohol, coffee, tea for the last 12 hours.
  • Refrain from urinating before getting ultrasound
  • X-ray is not recommended during pregnancy.
  • To minimize medical waste for saving of environment, Hanoi French Hospital will no longer provide medical imagery film when the result is normal. Only when required and for results showing abnormalities, will we provide imagery, and this on CD or via mail.

Why should choose to do annual health checkup at the Hanoi French Hospital?

  • New world-class facility
  • As a multi-disciplinary facility with over 20 specialties, GP doctor can consult with specialists in case of necessary.
  • Laboratory department provides comprehensive testing services with only recommended testing chemicals by the Ministry of Health for from reputable manufacturers are selected and the latest generation testing equipment from top manufacturers such as Roche, Abbott. In addition to our internal quality control systems, HFH laboratory has been accredited with external quality control programs like RCPA, Australia, CAP (College of American Pathologists), US, and Randox, Center for Standardization and Quality Control of Hanoi Medical University and undergoes annual survey and accreditation processes.
  • Modern imaging equipment includes GE Voluson E10 4D ultrasound, Giotto IMS Digital mammography, GE XR6000 conventional X-ray.
  • Extensively trained and highly experienced doctor team can speak Vietnamese, English and French. Japanese translator is available.


  • Customized packages tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each company
  • Customized individual services
  • Work permits
  • Insurance Assistance and Direct Billing
  • Monthly or Deferred Payment Agreements
  • Interpreter Services
  • Special discounts on selected services

In case you have request as a company, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: (84-24) 3577 1100 or click here.