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Orthokeratology — often called Ortho-K or OK lens for short — is a form of safe, reversible and non-surgical vision correction available to both adults and children.

​Ortho-K are special night-time contact lenses worn during sleep to restore clear vision ​without glasses.

4 easy steps to clear vision with ortho K

  1. Insert Ortho K lenses before you sleep.
  2. Sleep well.
  3. Remove Ortho K lenses when you wake up.
  4. Store Ortho K lenses in solution to clean.

What is Ortho K?

Ortho-K is precise corneal reshaping technology. A good way to imagine orthokeratology is to think "eye braces" — Ortho-K customized rigid contact lenses slowly and gently reshape the front surface of the eye, like how Invisalign and braces shape teeth.

As orthokeratology requires specific instruments, skills and training, not all optometrists can prescribe or fit these lenses. An optometrist with expertise and experience in assessing and fitting Ortho-K lenses is sometimes called an orthokeratologist, analogous to how dental braces are fitted by an orthodontist.

ortho K_lens


Our experienced orthokeratology practitioner Dr. Nghiem Thu Trang is a member of the British Indo Pacific Orthokeratology Myopia Control Academy (BIPOK), and participates in continuing professional development and training in Ortho-K.

The ophthalmology department is equipped with the latest in digital corneal topography to ensure that our clients can enjoy the best results possible with their Ortho-K vision treatment.

Benefits of Ortho K

Ortho-K lenses can correct mild to moderate degrees of short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and even astigmatism, so that good functional vision can be achieved during the waking hours without the aid of glasses or daytime contact lenses. We routinely fit Ortho-K lenses for prescriptions up to -10.00, and sometimes high prescriptions are possible subject to patient suitability. The highest prescription we have fitted is -12.00 diopters of myopia.

For adults, Ortho-K gives you the freedom to enjoy clear vision without wearing glasses or daytime contacts. ​Some of our clients are long-time soft contact lens wearers seeking an alternative as their eyes get too dry with regular contacts. Some have considered laser surgery but wish to try a non-invasive option.

For children and teenagers, Ortho-K lenses have two benefits:

  1. Restoring their vision to be glasses-free for school, sport and all their activities
  2. Slowing down the progression of their short-sightedness (myopia) and helping to prevent their prescription from getting stronger, by reducing abnormal elongation of the eye.

Ortho-K is currently the most effective optical treatment for myopia control and commonly regarded as the 'gold standard'. Many clinical studies published over time have demonstrated Ortho-K to be effective in reducing the rate of myopia progression by around 50% in suitable children, and in our clinical experience some children have achieved even better results.

Who should you choose Ortho K?

  • People with myopia (less than 10 diopters) without or with astigmatism of 4 diopters or less.
  • Children are increasing myopia during development.
  • People who are not suitable to use traditional framed glasses during the day.
  • Children are not old enough for eye surgery.
  • People who are not suitable or qualified for eye surgery for refractive errors.


Ortho K Package 

  • 01 consultation with opthalmologist
  • Trial fitting
  • Refractive index measurement
  • Eye examination
  • Corneal topography
  • Fitting
  • 03 follow-up consultations with an ophthalmologist

Package Ortho K 1 (2 eyes below 5 Diopters): 24.800.000VND

Package Ortho K 2 (1 eye below 5 Diopters, 1 eye above 5 Diopters): 27.300.000VND

Package Ortho K 3 (2 eyes above 5 Diopters): 30.000.000VND