HFH was the first International hospital in Hanoi

HFH is a private hospital run by a highly experienced international management team.

HFH employs multidisciplinary International and Vietnamese medical experts and utilizes the latest technology and medical expertise.

The Hospital is a General hospital and provides treatments for all common medical issues.

Đây là một bệnh viện quốc tế do tập đoàn tư nhân sở hữu.

Facilities at HFH

Y ta cham soc
The General Ward is located on the second level right in the heart of the hospital. It receives patients in medicine and surgery with 31 beds, including single, double and isolation rooms. Read more
The ICU has five beds supported by life care systems such as multi-functional monitoring, invasive and non-invasive ventilators, etc. Read more
Y ta cham soc
All patient rooms are equipped with medical functions (oxygen, suction, light, etc). Adjustable beds, bedside table, locker, TV, and telephones are in each room together with en-suite bath room with toilet, hand basin & shower. A bell call for nurses are located at the bedside and in each bathroom. Read more
Dich vu khoa nhi
Situated on the forth floor of the hospital our pediatric ward was officially opened in January 2009 to provide hospitalized children with a dedicated space. Read more
Day care
Modern surgical techniques allow for shorter hospital stays. Many procedures can be completed in less than one day. At HFH you will be quietly accommodated and prepared for your intervention on inclinable chairs with music headphones. Read more

Tree of Life Motto

The Tree of Life is a well-known symbol in Vietnamese culture, dating back to ancient times. It represents the connection among universe, inspiration, and development. Because of its seasonal growth and renewal, the Tree of Life has been a symbol of regeneration, hope and life.

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Working at HFH

Join our Team! HFH is a great place to work if you are one of the best medical professionals in Vietnam. We provide services to Vietnamese and International clients. HFH has state-of-the-start medical technology, equipment and highly qualified medical professionals. We aim to provide the best quality care and service in Vietnam. If you think you would like to become one of our team, please click here. We would love to hear from you!

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Hanoi French Hospital is always the first choice of my family.

N.T.T - 12-11-2022

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Hiếu Cardiologist for timely treatment so that I can overcome a life-threatening myocardial infarction. I have absolute trust in the professional competence of Dr. Hiếu Cardiologist and the medical team at the ICU where I was treated.