Baby Delivery Options

Deciding on the place for your baby to first see the world is an important decision for a mother and father. HFH International hospital has modern delivery rooms, offering up-to-date equipment and technology, in a safe, private and warm environment. And when surrounded by our expert staff of doctors, nurses and doulas you can be sure your baby will be born into the best environment possible in one of the most precious moments of your lives.

Baby Delivery Options

HFH’s delivery rooms are available 24 hours a day with the following services:

  • Natural childbirth: This is a preferred option for a healthy mother and a baby with no abnormalities, as there are no risks of surgical complications and infection. Childbirth through the birth canal drains the amniotic fluid from the baby’s lung, enabling enlargement of the lung in a natural process.

  • Vaginal childbirth with epidural analgesia: Another option for healthy mothers and babies, with this version of natural childbirth our doctors use a spinal block to reduce the pain of the delivery by injecting medication into the spinal column. Even though the pain is reduced, there is still the feeling of your baby passing through the birth canal.

  • Cesarean section: This is the safest ways to give birth if a mother cannot do so naturally, due to a mother’s medical condition, a problem with the baby or the baby’s position in the womb. As a C-section is a surgical procedure, there is greater blood loss and a longer recovery time due to the need to care for an incision point. Healthy mothers and babies can also safely have Cesarean sections, but the mother should understand the after delivery care issues.


At the time of delivery, a medical team consisting of your chosen doctor, anesthesiologists, and midwives will closely provide care for the mother and baby. As soon as the baby is born, the nursery staff will take diligent care of your baby’s health.

Should there be the slightest abnormality detected, the baby will be placed under the prompt care of our NICU physicians and specialty trained nurses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delivery packages can be found on our Maternity and Delivery Packages page.

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